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Four amazing Android phone tips and tricks

Four amazing Android phone tips and tricks

Friends today I will tell you about some hidden tricks of Android phones which maybe 80% of Android phone users don’t know. Let’s see these features of Android phones.

But what I will talk about in number one is very important. Think you are running the internet on your phone now if you want to run the internet on the computer then you can run it from your mobile. In this case, go to your phone’s settings, go to Connection and Sharing, and click on the Portable Hotspot option. Now you will see USB Tethering will be dimmed. This option will be normal when you connect your phone to the computer with an OTG connector USB cable. If you turn on this option then your phone’s internet will be enabled on your computer. Search for USB Tethering in the search box of your phone’s settings to get the direct option.

There may not be people who have not seen the cast option in the notification bar. If you have Android TV or Smart TV then clicking this option will connect your smartphone to your Android TV. After going to this option it will show your TV model. After clicking there, click on the option called Start. Basically, your phone will be directly connected to the TV and then everything you do on your phone will be seen on the TV.

Feature number three is very important, but we can print any document directly from the mobile phone to the printer. In this case, you need to go to Play Store. First, you need to see what brand your printer is. Search Play Store by typing that brand name, like Epson/Canon/HP, etc. Install the printer app. Now insert your printer cable into the OTG cable and insert the other end of the OTG cable into the mobile port. Now go to your mobile gallery or any file and open the photo or document. Click on the Print option from the three-dot menu and select the printer model. Now click on the print icon to print.

The display of the phones that are coming in the market recently is very large which is difficult to operate with one hand. In this case, we can reduce the size of the display so that it can be used with one hand. For that go to the notification bar. At the bottom, you will see an option called one hand. As soon as you click there, the size of the display will be reduced which you can operate with your right hand. If you click on the outer part of this display again, you will get back the main large display.

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