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Best terrorism in the world

Best rates of Prostitution terrorism in the world

  1. Thailand (Religion: Buddhist)
  2. Denmark (Religion: Christian)
  3. Italian (Religion: Christian)
  4. German (Religion: Christian)
  5. French (Religion: Christian)
  6. Norway (Religion: Christian)
  7. Belgium (Religion: Christian)
  8. Spanish (Religion: Christian)
  9. UK (Religion: Christian)
  10. Finland (Religion: Christian)

The country with the highest theft rate in the world

  1. Denmark and Finland (Religion: Christian)
  2. Zimbabwean (Religion: Christian)
  3. Australia (Religion: Christian)
  4. Canada (Religion: Christian)
  5. New Zealand (Religion: Christian)
  6. India (Religion: Hindu)
  7. England and Wales (Religion: Christian)
  8. US (Religion: Christian)
  9. Sweden (Religion: Christian)
  10. South Africa (Religion: Christian)

List of Muslim countries

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